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Luo for clear glass that beautiful eyes still calm, but which has a touch of coldness emerge soon slender Yu Zhi gently draw, empty before, as if were cracked open. Dust, animal husbandry, gently nodded, whether king or Ji Hyun Chung, are very tricky opponents, it seems this wooden temple ruins, really becomes extremely lively ah. Xu shortage alert in their gaze, that distant horizon, and soon has a streamer flash, immediately passing a road Avision sky, quickly toward this mountain from where they are, look like that number, at least with no less than thirty people, which is almost the sum of the six or seven teams. "Oh, good hard flesh, it seems you been practicing very powerful forging body God tactic, but not low attainments, no wonder there are emboldened dare to challenge the strength of the sky throughout the latter part of the spiritual power is difficult. Animal husbandry and dust snappily glared at him, and said:"Do not provoke me, or even if you spent the spiritual power is difficult, I also can play your ass." Los float glass Qiaolian crimson blur clear crisp voice, reveals a hint of shame meaning:"Pervert" If outsiders say so frivolous words in front of her, afraid of her sword has long been in the past, but the face of dust, animal husbandry, she could only stare at him like that Xiunao style, moving to the extreme.

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